Jesus For You Is Here!

Jesus For You: He Became Like You So You Could Become Like Him is available now!

I’m excited for you to read it. Here’s the back cover summary:

Jesus Knows What It Means To Be You

When you’re tired you can go to Jesus because he knows exhaustion. When your soul is troubled you can go to Jesus because he knows what it’s like to have a troubled soul. When you’ve been betrayed you can go to Jesus because he knows the heart punch of betrayal. You can trust him; he knows.

He became like you. 

“If you want to re-encounter Christ’s Passion Week with fresh passion for him, you must read Jim Essian’s careful, incisive, gospel-rich examination of Christ’s passion for you.”
— Jared C. Wilson, Managing Editor of For the Church, Midwestern Seminary 

Jesus is fully God and fully human. He didn’t just come to save you for heaven’s riches, but to sympathize and help you with earth’s sorrows. He became like you so you could become like him.

The answer to our sin and brokenness is meeting God where he met us. This is the gospel. Jesus for you.

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