Ten Thoughts on Discipleship from Matthew 28

Ten Thoughts on Discipleship from Matthew 28:

1. Jesus didn’t give you a class to disciple you, he gave you a church
2. You need the whole church for your whole life to disciple you
3. Discipleship is in all of life
4. You need to make disciples too. You can be a disciple and still doubt
5. Who has the authority? In whose name do we baptize? Who will be with you everywhere? Jesus is the hero of discipleship, not the one who goes and makes disciples
6. We are discipling people to Jesus, not to ourselves. So invite people into your weaknesses/needs/sins as you go to Jesus with them
7. Discipling just out of strengths, being the one with all the answers, isn’t Christian discipleship
8. Be intentional. You’re never going to just fall into making disciples
9. For you to be discipled in all of life you need all of the church who represent all of the gifts—to follow all of Jesus you need the whole body of Christ
10. If we were to just practice the “one-another’s” as a church, we would be a discipleship powerhouse


This post is from Disciples Making Disciplesa sermon in the series, Jesus & His Bride.