Lent Devotional – Jesus For You

When I started writing  Jesus For You it was to be a short Lent devotional for the church I pastor—a reflection on Jesus’ Passion Week, his substitution and sacrifice for you. The devotional turned into a book, but it still functions as a guide to reflection and repentance, and (hopefully) gives you new eyes to see an old story.

Here are some tips on how to read Jesus For You during Lent:

  1. Lent this year starts on February 26th and ends on April 9th
  2. Read it with your small group or spouse
  3. Consider fasting from social media or Netflix (or something else) and with that additional hour or so, commit to reading, prayer, and reflection.
  4. Read the Introduction prior to February 26th and pray that God would meet you in a fresh way during this season of Lent
  5. Read a chapter or two a week (chapters 1-8), meditating on the verse at the end of each chapter, considering the reflection questions, and praying the written prayer out loud.
  6. Read the last chapter (The Finish: Victim & Victor) on April 11th, exciting your heart for Easter Sunday!

However you choose to observe Lent, I hope and pray it blesses you and draws you closer to Jesus.

I would love to hear from you as you walk through the book during this Lent season. Email me jim [at] theparadoxchurch.com

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