The Anti-Beatitudes

Cursed are the rich in spirit, for theirs are the temporary kingdoms of man.

Cursed are those who celebrate in vain, for they will soon mourn.

Cursed are the proud, for they shall inherit hell.

Cursed are those who are satisfied with their self-righteousness, for they will be starving.

Cursed are the judgmental, for they shall receive judgment.

Cursed are the hard-hearted, for they shall never see God.

Cursed are the divisive, for they shall be called enemies of God.

Cursed are those who are accepted by the world for their unrighteousness and “relevance” for theirs is the kingdom of man.

Cursed are you when others love you and accept you and say all kinds of good about you because you have moderate, tolerant views of a safe Jesus.

Mourn and be sad, for you have already received your reward on earth, for so they accepted the lukewarm, nominal “Christians” who were before you.